Hey everyone, its been a minute since any updates on the blog and I have started to get a lot of spam being sent as posts here as well which is frustrating to deal with. So i'll hopefully be coming up with a plan on re-vitalizing this blog and I'll also will be posting more myself. 

We still have tons of scribbles to work with so don't be afraid to throw up a sketch!


My Gracious!

Its been a while... Needed to get myself out of a design rut. So I thought Id warm up the juices here.

Indian Sadhu

Shyam Wanare
Thanks and Regards,
Shyam Wanare 

02.25.14 Scribbles!

Thanks for waiting everyone, here is a new batch of randoms.

Another update, Cup O' Doodle has a twitter for all of you twitter folks, use these to be re-tweeted @cupodoodle or #cupodoodle